Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Google' option has been removed from default search provider in GDR2 update on Windows phone 8

Microsoft has removed 'Google' option from Internet Explorer's default search provider on Windows phone 8 in GDR2 update.  Now, we are able to see two 'Bing' search option instead of one 'Bing' and second 'Google' option.  Even though we have alternate option by directly going to through browser.

We don't know when this Windows and Google war is really going to end, but finally normal users are going to get affected.  Past week also we had already seen various issues related to Microsoft's YouTube App which Google blocked stating some issue.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lumia 920 users on Telstra getting officially Nokia Amber updates tomorrow on 08/16/2013

Good news for all users having Lumia 920 on Telstra, as Nokia Amber updates are going to get rollout officially tomorrow (08/16/2013) morning, which includes Windows GDR2 updates and Nokia’s customized updates.

Following are few new features will be available in Amber update:

1. FM Radio – FM radio will be added in Music+Videos hub.  This is really good news for all users missing FM App in Windows 8 phone.

2. Data Sense – Data usage of phone can be tracked with Data Sense. Limit can also be set in this App. 

3. Call/SMS Filter feature - It will allow you to add phone numbers/contacts to a blacklist after which phone calls or text messages from that person will get blocked.

4. Glance Screen – It will display a live clock along with Charging indicator & low battery Indicator on lock screen.  Also, you can simply double tap on the standby screen to wake up the smartphone.

5. Smart Camera – It is also going to include Nokia’s Pro camera app for Lumia 920.  It will also allow the handset to record audio in stereo.

6. Flip  - Flip to silence the phone to turn it silence

7. Xbox Music – It is going to display more detailed metadata like information about the songs and albums and has also made other improvements.

Other Lumia Handset users still need to wait for sometime for getting official updates.  
Source: Nokia Amber Update

Are you really getting crazy for Amber updates?